Houston Asphalt & Concrete Repair      Asphalt paving and repair

Houston Asphalt and Concrete repairs all concrete and asphalt driveways, parking lots and roadways. We saw-cut damaged areas and install new base as required. All repairs are completed in a timely fashion and are warrantied. 

Houston Asphalt and Concrete specialize in asphalt overlays, new roads, parking lots and industrial applications in Houston. All base materials are provided such as crushed concrete, limestone and asphalt layers per owners specifications. We also provide seal coat applications for existing parking lots and roadways.  

Houston Asphalt and Concrete specialize in new driveways with culverts as required. Our work begins with securing all City permits and installing a proper base with a minimum of 4" concrete. We do foundations for new buildings per owners specifications and we have designed and built new roadways and parking lots in Houston. 

Houston Asphalt & Concrete

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Houston Asphalt & Concrete Asphalt Paving And Repair

Houston Asphalt & Concrete